• The range of services provided by dimentech includes:
  • Supporting the design activities using the CAD and CAE applications like CATIA, NX CAD/UG, Creo, Ansys etc
  • Speeding up the development activities by providing reverse engineering services using CMM, 3D scanners, RPT and digitization
  • Sharing the workload by providing qualified engineering professional for onsite requirements
  • Technical Publication: Parts list, User manual, Maintenance manuals, Product catalogues, Computer based training material, animations, etc are some of the publications we provide.
  • Corporate training to enrich the domain centric skills related to advanced CAD, wire harness, sheet metal, GD&T, PLM, Project Management, analysis & simulation etc.
  • Corporate training for Civil industry on applications like: SDS; Tekla, Staadpro, BIM, etc.
CAD Conversion
Under this service we convert your existing design data to required CAD format. The source data for conversion can be either in the form of - conceptual hand drawings and sketches, old blue-prints, scanned CAD drawings, 2D CAD files, Dump solids (iges /stp / parasolid etc). The bi-directional associative parametric CAD output created using your specific standards and template can be provided in the required platform.
  • Paper or blue-print conversion to 2D & 3D file
  • Raster to vector conversion (Digitization)
  • Converting vision and concept into a live design
  • 2D to 3D Conversion
  • Dump solids to parametric modeling
  • Data migration to different CAD platform
Drafting & Detailing
Under this service we create manufacturing and fabrication drawings from your existing 3D CAD data. The bidirectional associative output created using your specific standards and template can be provided in the required platform. This service helps your engineering team to focus on higher level design aspects and improve schedule performance.
  • 2D manufacturing and fabrication drawings
  • Welding fixture detailing
  • Creating 2D exploded views of an assembly
  • Assembly & component drawings, schematics, machine shop drawings & assembly instruction sheets
  • Engineering Change Request / Notice (ECR / ECN)
Reverse Engineering
Reverse engineering comes as a handy solution to reproduce / replace or optimize old but critical components for which no CAD models or 2-D drawings are available. Under this service we create three dimensional virtual model from physical parts of any product or equipment. The data/dimensions required to build the CAD model is collected by measuring the physical part using conventional tools like callipers and gauges or by taking measurements using optical measurement systems like 3D Laser Scanner, Portable Arm CMM Scanner and others.
  • Point Cloud/Mesh to 3D Model in STEP/IGES
  • Physical component to 3D Model using conventional tools
  • Physical component to 3D Model using 3D Scanning and CMM
  • Design optimization after reverse engineering
BIW Fixture Design
Here we provide design and detailing of weld fixtures and machining fixtures for various products like BIW structures
  • Welding fixture designing for complete Body shell (Side body, under body, Enclosures etc.)
  • Designing of series production welding fixtures.
  • Designing of Geo and Respot welding stations.
  • Side body framing station.
  • Checking and Setting fixtures.
  • Hemming fixtures.
  • Weld Gun foul analysis.
  • Robotic Grippers.
  • 3D Concept designing, 2D drafting, detailing and Bill of material generation.
Analysis & Optimization
Our CAE services mainly comprises of analysis and assessment for the performance and robustness of different types of engineering assemblies, components and structures. Our experienced team renders validation, simulation and optimization of engineering products and tools. This service greatly assist design teams in decision making. We have experiences in analyzing both simple and complicated structures.
  • Vibration or Seismic Analysis
  • Stress Analysis
  • Structural Analysis
  • Fatigue and Fracture analysis
  • Buckling Analysis
  • Modal Analysis
  • FE Mesh Generation
  • Optimization
Technical Publication
Technical publications plays an important role in the success of the product and upgrading the skills of the team members. Under this service we under take authoring of user and service manuals, SOP, product and process animation etc.
  • User Manual
  • Parts Catalogue
  • Service Manual
  • Training Manual
  • Product catalogue and Brochures
  • Assembly process documentation
  • E-Learning Guides and Training material
  • Animations
We are passionately determined to provide the best and reliable staffing solutions. Circumstances, such as short term requirement, lack of time / resources / skilled team members; compel businesses to assign certain tasks to outside organizations specializing in those tasks. For any such requirement related to design and documentation support activity, we provide qualified and experienced professionals from junior to senior level. Our specialization lies in understanding business requirements and providing an accurate match of candidates to meet the needs within defined timeframes.
  • Skilled and experienced professionals for company on role recruitments.
  • Onsite contract placement for short term requirements.
Corporate Training
Skills enhancement of the team is an important activity for any organization. When it comes to CAD applications, each organization has unique training requirements and challenges. To overcome this hurdle we offer customized learning and structured training programs. Our experts work with the HR/Design/Management to outline a training program that satisfies specific requirements.
  • Advanced CATIA
  • Geometric Dimension and Tolerances (GD&T)
  • Sheet Metal - Generative Sheet Metal Design (GSD)
  • Cable & Wire Harness
  • Plastic Trims
  • Fixture Design / Detailing
  • 3D Scanning using FARO
  • CMM Inspection using FARO